Are you “well-read”? Take our humiliating and condescending test!

I think I am.  More accurately, I like to think I am.

In fact, I’m probably not.  Not really.  I’m a fairly slow and fairly picky reader.

But how can you tell whether you qualify for this fatuous and altogether snobby accolade?

bookworm hero-crop-u9054

Some books yesterday

Well, one way would be to do this quiz, which popped up in my inbox.

You gotta love the title: it’s irresistible!

OK, so I got I got eight out of ten.  Seven, really because one was a complete guess.  That doesn’t sound bad, but two, OK three, maybe four of the questions I had absolutely NO idea about.  I have never even heard of Ignatius J Reilly, nor the Pullitzer prize-winning writer who created him.  Nor am I any wiser about question 8 and Hal Incandenza – again the work of a lauded author whose name rings no bells with me at all.

Question 6 was total guesswork, and question 9 sparked some tiny memory but now I’ve looked it up, I don’t know the book or the author so maybe that was a guess as well.

Finally, two of the questions were about books I had studied at O-level, so no excuses there.

See?  I could be doing much better.  In the 15 minutes it’s taken me to write this, I could have read the first chapter of that thing with Ignatius J Whatsisface.



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