What do you mean, you haven’t watched it?

Game Of Thrones, I mean.  It’s awesome, and anyone who hasn’t watched it is missing out big time.

I know: you’ll  be late to the party, but the advantage of that is that you’ll be able to binge-watch them all on a box-set.

To be honest, I think watching it in weekly episodes would be tricky.  Even after watching four series, Mrs W confuses Tywin and Tyrion Lannister, and – to be fair – it is a fabulously complex story.  It involves (if you haven’t heard) multiple warring dynasties in a fantasy world that’s part Lord of The Rings, part Ivanhoe, and part pervy sexploitation flick (so kids: definitely not suitable for you.)

It helps to watch the first few with the handy charactyrionter guide that comes with the box-set.  Or you can watch along with the GoT Wiki on the iPad, but beware of spoilers.  It’ll tell you which series a character appears in, which indirectly tells you when they are bumped off – and they nearly all are, sooner or later, usually very violently

The magicky aspect put me off for ages.  Dungeons?  Dragons?  Dwarves?  Oh for heaven’s sake…  But give it half an episode and you’ll be hooked.

One tip: don’t bother with the audio commentary.  Somewhere the quality control slipped.  I watched the last episode of series 4 with an audio commentary by the actors who play Tyrion, Cersei and Jaime Lannister and it was awful: three actors giggling and making childish double-entendres.  Well, two of them: Nicolai Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) at least had the decency to sound embarrassed while his co-stars chortled at penis jokes.  (I know: it seems a bit prissy to be complaining about knob gags in the context of a programme as debauched as Game Of Thrones, but…time and place, folks, time and place.)

So now we have to wait until March (March! ) until Game of Thrones series 5 is available on DVD, while series 6 starts shooting in April – even before the book it is based on is finished.

And if you’re already a fan, here’s my guess.  Jon Snow will marry Danaerys Targaryen.  Isn’t she the “rightful” queen anyway?  The good have to win.

Don’t they?





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