My book’s in the shops!

IMG_8601…well, one shop anyway.

The official publication date of “Time Travelling With A Hamster” is December 31, but at least one shop – thank you Waterstone’s, Kensington High Street – have received a bunch of them already and decided to put them out in the store, sandwiched – handily – between two David Walliams books.

My son looked up from his phone (itself a good sign) and said, “Dad, your book’s in the shops!”

“Eh? How do you know?”

“Izzy’s just Snapchatted me a picture of it in a bookshop!”

“What?  Let me see, let me see!”

“It’s Snapchat, Dad.  It’s gone already.”

Yeah, I knew that.

Anyway, I tracked it down to the said branch of Waterstone’s and set off to see for myself.  Is that a bit sad?  I don’t care.

I considered lurking to see if I could spot anyone actually buying one, but it seemed a bit creepy, so all I could do was take a picture and leave.  Smiling broadly, obviously.



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