A tiny little error…

I first read this on Twitter a few days ago, and figured it was just made up.  Funny, but made up.


Turns out, it’s true!  Hurray!

The mistake appeared in the Boston Globe & Mail who issued the correction the following day.

I’ve long had a fascination with misplaced apostrophes.  I even wrote a finals dissertation for my BA in English on the history and popular misuse of this punctuation mark.  Friends who know this have been known to call me up for apostrophe advice, or – more likely – try to trip me up with apostrophe-traps.  Which of these, for example, is correct?

I have several 2p’s in my pocket

I have several 2ps in my pocket

I don’t know if anyone has adjudicated on the “right” answer.  Personally, I would favour the first one.  Surely the first rule of punctuation is to aid comprehension?


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