How fast can you type?

When I was a kid, typing was a rare skill practiced invariably by ladies in offices with upswept spectacles who never looked at their fingers.

(My Auntie Betty was one such.  Her fingers would move so fast across the keys of her electric typewriter and she never seemed to make mistakes.)

As a young journalist I became adept at two-finger typing, and I have improved over the years.  I now probably use all ten, but the key I hit most often is the backspace-delete one.

The picture above, incidentally, is what if found when I searched for “man with a computer” on Google Images.  It is not me.

Anyway.  Everyone types now.  So I love this online test:

I scored 40 wpm.  That would be a minimum for temp agencies, apparently. Auntie Betty was at least double that.



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